Where do you look when you are looking for fashion inspiration? Your friends, the fashion magazines or do you look to your own ideas and innovation? Creating your own look and showing off your individuality in your clothes and hairstyle is a great way to express yourself, and it shows that you have confidence. Create your own, eye catching look and stand out from the crowd with these 10 tips on creating your own style:

1. Don’t be afraid to stand out of the crowd

Don’t be afraid to be different. You don’t need to have bright green hair, heavy duty tattoos and extreme piercing to be an individual, but neither should you be afraid to try unusual combinations of different colors or styles. If it looks good to you, then try it!

2. Pick different elements form other people’s looks, different designers and fashion trends

All the best fashion designers borrow ideas from other styles, so try combining the best from different designers and fashion trends. Mixing and matching ideas, is the best way to create your own unique personal style.

3. Use your influences and inspirations

Use whatever inspires you to influence your style. You can look to movies, music, your hobbies and celebrities that you admire for inspiration. Take what you like from each of your inspirations, combine them and turn it into your own unique personal style that resonates with your soul.

4. Create a style scrapbook or folder for your inspiration

Cut out pictures of jewelry, clothes and shoes that you see in magazines and keep them in a folder or scrapbook. You can then try combining different elements in a collage to see what you like best together. It doesn’t matter, if individual items come from different periods or different styles; it’s what you think that works that counts.

5. Experiment and play with your hair

Try styling your hair differently each morning to see what you like the best or try new products or hair colors. If you want to try a drastic change though, check with your stylist first to see what they think and remember, while colors can easily be changed, hair takes time to grow back!

6. Visit vintage and charity shops to find your fashion treasures

Buying new clothes from the big chain stores pretty much guarantees that the clothes you buy will be the same, as someone else is wearing. Look around charity shops and vintage stores. Not only you can find some amazing bargains, but also you will see clothes and jewelry that is not the same, as everyone else is wearing.

7. Expand your style universe by learning how to sew

We’re not suggesting that you don’t know how to sew a button or take up a hem, but when did you last try to make your own clothes? Coco Chanel started by making her clothes out of old cast offs. The first dress she made was made from an old jersey. This is one way that you can create truly unique clothes for yourself.

8. Accessorize your way to uniqueness

If you don’t feel comfortable making your own clothes from scratch, you can easily make something that is your own with the accessories that wear with it. Scarves, brooches, hair-bands, there are so many different ways that you can change your look and you don’t even need to spend a load of money on new clothes.

9. Your size doesn’t matter

You don’t need to have a super model figure to try new styles and nor do you need to cover yourself in frumpy clothes to be different; if you don’t match some people’s idea of the perfect shape, well, then it’s their own problem. Anyone can look good and very few people have the ‘so called’ perfect shape, so don’t be afraid to show your individuality, whatever dress size you are; and, anyway, the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, isn’t it?!

10. As Oscar Wilde once said: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”…and it’s also true when it comes to personal style

Above all else, wear what you feel good in. It doesn’t matter if you mix retro with the hottest new look or if you ignore that latest ‘in colors’ trend at the fashion shows. Be positive about who you are and other people will react positively toward you. Vive la difference!