10 Fabulous Fashion Tips On How To Find Your Own Distinctive Personal Style

Where do you look when you are looking for fashion inspiration? Your friends, the fashion magazines or do you look to your own ideas and innovation? Creating your own look and showing off your individuality in your clothes and hairstyle is a great way to express...
Going organic may be your goal this year but don’t limit it to your food alone. You’ll be surprised to find that you can also go organic when it comes to your makeup. Regardless of whether you are just starting your makeup routine at home or are already a pro, these organic makeup solutions are worth trying. Mascara and eyeliner. Smokey eyes have always been a staple in many makeup routine but why use separate
Many of us do not give a serious thought about exercise. Some skip this important activity as this takes some of their precious time. Others find it boring while some feel too tired doing it. Nevertheless, doing regular exercise, 30 minutes minimum can do many wonders to our body. Other than weight loss and muscle buildup, regular exercise is essential due to these rewards and benefits they provide to one’s mind and body. 1. It
In recent years, vegan has emerged as the next big thing when it comes to diets, even trumping the once-popular vegetarian diet. One misconception about veganism, however, is that it is just a diet when it is more of a lifestyle; denouncing any product or service that has put animals into any duress or harm. Whatever misunderstanding the public has about veganism, no one can deny that it can bring many advantages. It’s the ultimate
You can spend an absolute fortune on skin care products. Some are specialized products for one particular condition or skin type, whilst others are advertised as being multipurpose. One thing that they all have in common, though, is that they rely on ingredients that can be found in other, less expensive and natural sources. Your skin is the only organ of your body that is constantly exposed to the pollution and outside world aggressions, so